Daewoong Pharma turns
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  • Are you planning to propose new drugs or base
  • Are you considering submitting a proposal for
    new ideas?
  • Are you looking for financial support for your
    R&D activities?
  • Are you seeking to improve the efficacy of stem cells and manufacture clinical samples?
  • Are you planning to develop next generation products and
    add new indications?
  • Are you hoping to improve formulations and
  • Daewoong Pharma can provide libraries as well as support for collaborative research.
  • Daewoong Pharma values every single idea.
  • Daewoong Pharma will offer you a cooperative model that perfectly suits you.
  • Daewoong Pharma supports collaborative research that utilizes GMP facilities for production of growth factors and stem cells.
  • Daewoong Pharma will help validate your ideas as well as provide research staff for clinical studies.
  • Daewoong Pharma will provide support for platform-based formulation development and commercialization.

Who we are

Daewoong Pharma emphasizes the value of promoting partnership. more

''Daewoong Pharma puts a priority on collaborative research which is evidenced by our endeavor to seek communication with academic-industry collaborators globally through open collaboration."

[Core values of Daewoong Pharma]

Justice - righteousness - win-win - open mind - and ownership Justice - righteousness - win-win - open mind - and ownership

What we focus

Daewoong Pharma is seeking to work in partnership in various areas.more

New products

Daewoong Pharma is striving to develop innovative drugs that can improve global health. If you suggest new product ideas in various fields, we can work together for global drug development.

New platform technology

Daewoong Pharma is always open for partnership in various fields. Please take a look at the following areas for cooperation and propose your platform technologies

How we open collaborate

Daewoong Pharma is a leading, R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company. more

Successful collaborations

Formulation & manufacturing services of Daewoong Pharma encompass a wide range of activities from drug development to commercial manufacturing and supply. more

Provision of core competencies

Daewoong Pharma provides a variety of solutions to help your ideas/projects succeed through open collaboration. Please take a look at the core competencies of Daewoong Pharma that will be offered in accordance with cooperative models. more

Partnership compensation system

Based on the levels of your ideas and technology, different cooperative models of joint research, technology adoption, R&D investment, and joint venture establishment will be offered. You will also be informed of applicable procedures and compensation system for each level. more

Do you have questions?

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding our open collaboration.



Thank you for considering our open collaboration for your R&D activities.


Proposals under examination

The proposals are currently under examination where fairness and protection for intellectual property are ensured.



We are currently actively involved in various types of cooperation with partners.