Why Open Collaboration


Daewoong Pharma awaits innovators to lead future global healthcare together.

Open collaboration in which pharmaceutical companies today work with outside experts in every field to discover the potential of new technologies and make ideas come true is the key to success. Daewoong Pharma intends to actively collaborate with the industry, universities, institutions, and hospitals both at home and abroad. Daewoong Pharma is constantly looking for ways to maximize research outcomes through creative open collaboration with the experts who can collaborate with universities, government agencies, hospitals and ventures.

Daewoong Pharma aims to grow together by emphasizing the mutual success with its partners (Win-Win), being with them from the early stage of research and development to commercialization and sharing the fruits of success.

Daewoong Pharma will make innovative medicines with its partners and contribute to global health as "a global healthcare group leading the improvement of quality of life."

Daewoong Pharma's Open Collaboration (O/C)